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3 Ideas For Fabric Scraps

3 Ideas For Fabric Scraps

So, you just got to the end of a nice looking bit of fabric… but you still have a little left. There’s not enough for a normal project, but there’s enough that you feel bad throwing it all away. What do you do? Here’s three ideas to consider:

1 – Accent Something – What does this mean? Well, let’s say you just finished making some nice fabric shades in your bedroom and you’re left with a bit of fabric. Take that and apply it to something in your room, like the handles on your dresser drawers or a picture frame. Sew several patterns together to accent the colors throughout your room.

2 – Make a Collage – I’ll bet a lot of you have fabric scraps from years of projects. Maybe you made a pillow for a daughter or son; maybe you sewed a quilt for a newborn. Whatever your projects have been, you have memories associated with each fabric. So, sew all of em together. Maybe it’ll end up looking REALLY ugly, but it could end up looking beautiful! Either way, you’ll be left with a good collection of fabric memories.

3 – Think Outside the Box – This kind of falls in line with the collage idea. But, when it comes to making use of scraps, you gotta think like Picasso as opposed to a landscape artist. Go into an antique store and buy something weird that could use a bit of fabric and just start sewing, pasting and applying your fabrics to it in any way possible. You might end up with something cool and you’ll definitely have some fun along the way!

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