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Camouflage - The symbolic representation of freedom, power, and purpose.

Camouflage - The symbolic representation of freedom, power, and purpose.

Although the majority of the world’s armies utilize camouflage patterns in almost every facet of their military uniforms, the idea of remaining “hidden” is a relatively new phenomenon. It wasn’t until the early 1940s that the United States enlisted artists to help design the pattern incorporated in our defense’s uniforms. The most advanced camouflage fabrics build on the foundations of the past while combining greater strength and protection from the elements- rendering it the perfect fabric for this purpose. 

The literal definition of camouflage is to blend in with the background. In the 1970s, Jim Crumley decided to use a Magic Marker on brown dyed work clothes to create a tree bark pattern- thus the birth of camouflage for the use in modern day hunting games. Hunting camouflage serves a similar purpose to military camouflage. It allows the hunter to spot the target before they are spotted. It is the perfect textile to remain unseen in even the harshest of environments. The cool, neutral, earth tones blend seamlessly into any wooded background in any terrain. Camo’s glory is also seen in its versatility. But what happens when camouflage takes the center stage and is no longer used to remain hidden? 

There has been a HUGE resurgence of the pattern in recent years as a part of the artistic fashion movement of the 21st century. Fashion designers have been including the patterns in their clothing designs for the better part of the last 10 years. One of the beautiful glories of being American is the ability to exercise the right to wear camouflage (although it is reserved for military personnel) by the layman. What better way to exercise this freedom than by turning it into wearable art? Celebrities and pop stars have been rocking camo gear, including but not limited to, camo-textile jackets and utility pants and the trend has seemed to gain significant traction. The dark green and brown color schemes have been center stage season after season without any sign of slowing down. 

This week’s Featured Fabric of the Week is camouflage- the symbolic representation of freedom, power, and purpose. It’s versatility makes it the perfect fabric for work and play. Whether you’re looking to lay low or stand out, camo is your best bet.

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