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DIY Boot Socks and Lace Boot Toppers

DIY Boot Socks and Lace Boot Toppers

Cold weather is finally here, which means it’s finally time to bust out your favorite boots. Even though they’re cute alone, they look even better topped with a great boot sock. Problem? Those really cute boot socks can cost more than you expect; so what’s a girl to do? A DIY PROJECT of course! Follow our simple steps to make them yourself!



  • Knee socks
  • Lace Trim
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Needle


Put on a pair of yoga pants or thick leggings and roll them up so you have a thick cuff around your upper calf.

Turn the knee socks inside out and pull them up onto the thick cuff. This thick cuff will make sure you leave stretch when you take them off and put them on the right way. Also make sure when you start sewing the lace on you start where the back of the sock will be so you have a seam where a seam should be.

Start sewing into the cuff of the knee sock. There should be 2 layers, sew through only 1 layer so you have a clean finish on the outside when you turn it inside out.

Tie a knot in the thread so it will stay place and then you can being to sew the lace on.

Using a basic slip stich about 1/8inch long, sew the lace around the entire top of the sock being careful to only sew through the 1st layer.If you get to a point when you cannot sew the lace properly twist the sock around and continue sewing. When you get to the end simple cut off the end of the lace so you have a nice seam and turn it right side out and you are ready to go.


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