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How to Judge the Quality of a Fabric When Shopping Online

How to Judge the Quality of a Fabric When Shopping Online

How do you judge the quality of a fabric when shopping online?

Zoom Tool

For starters, if there’s a “zoom tool,” use it to zoom in and see the fabric up close. By using the zoom feature, you can get a better idea of the knit details. Furthermore, zooming in helps you decipher the patterns (if there are any), and whether or not they match up at the sleeves and lapels. Are there any zips on the item? The zoom feature can help you see if the zips are lying flat and/or covered with a placket. Meanwhile, zooming in will show if an item has been properly cut along the grain or nap of said fabric.

New Perspectives

Besides zooming, if there are “rotation tools,” and/or “motion/animation tools” (usually video), use those to see the fabric from different perspectives. These tools are meant to give online shoppers an idea of how the fabric “behaves” when it’s put to good use. Using these tools will help show how a fabric actually moves and whether or not it’s thin.

Technologies in Fabrics

Another tip for figuring out the quality of fabrics available online would be to read the details associated with the one or ones you’re interested in. Look for clues that’ll indicate the quality, such as the percentage of natural fibers versus synthetic, what kind of maintenance is needed, and other details. In the item description, are there extra buttons or zips included? How’s the tensile weight? Is there a description of the lining and/or internal pleating? You can tell a lot about a fabric when you decipher its “fine print” details. Oh, and here’s a fun tip: if it says “imported,” it’s most likely made in China, whereas if it’s made in any other country, it’ll say that specific country (such as “Made in Italy”). Certain countries have higher standards than others.

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