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How to Make A Reusable Shopping Bag

How to Make A Reusable Shopping Bag

Every year the use of plastic bags is extremely harmful to the earth. Because the bags are not biodegradable, they will never “go away”. Of the billions of the bags used, only a small portion of them are recycled each year. With climate change issues more prevalent than ever, now is the time to look into more reusable alternatives for everyday items.

If you are still using plastic bags consider converting to a handmade reusable bag with this simple tutorial:

Making a reusable shopping bag

Make A Reusable hopping Bag

This is an easy project for sewers of all skill levels. The first step to creating this bag is to gather all your supplies.

Here is what you will need:

Once you’ve gathered all the supplies it is time to measure and cut your fabric.

  • 1 37x14-inch piece of both the outer and lining fabrics.
  • 2 15x8-inch pieces of both the outer and lining fabrics.
  • 2 24-inch pieces of outer fabric for the straps.

Once you have all the pieces cut it is time to pin the fabric together. With the right side facing each other pin the edges of the bag together, allowing a 3/8- inch sea, allowance. Do this all along the edges of the bag except the top. One all sides are pinned together you can begin sewing. You can either use a sewing machine or do it by hand. If you choose to sew it by hand, we recommend using the blanket stitch to ensure the bag

Trim away any excess/ frayed fabric.

Attach the straps

To attach the straps, measure 3 inches from the seam of the bag. Pin the strap in place then repeat the same step on the other side. Once you have the straps pinned in place. Use a whipstitch to sew around the straps attaching them in place. Remember to backstitch to add more security to the straps.

Your shopping bag is completed! Now you can shop without contributing to the billions of wasted plastic bags!

If you would like to try this simple project, heat to Nick of Time Textiles for quality fabrics at wholesale prices!

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