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How To Thread A Sewing Machine

How To Thread A Sewing Machine

For beginners, threading a sewing machine can seem intimidating. There are quite a few steps involved and if you don’t follow each step correctly, it can negatively impact the quality of your sewing projects.

Before threading your machine, you will first have to thread the bobbin.

The bobbin is a small spool of thread that goes into the bottom of your sewing machine. It works with the top thread to secure your fabric together.

Here is how to thread your sewing machine:

  1. Place your thread on the spool pin. Be sure that your spool pin is fully erect. (On certain machines you may have to pull it until it clicks into place.)
  2. Pull your thread out towards the left then wind the thread around the tension disc on the top of your machine.
  3. Thread the bobbin by inserting the thread through a hole on the bobbin spool. Now place the bobbin on the bobbin pin located next to the spool pin. Slide the bobbin into place with a click. Wind the bobbin by applying pressure to the foot pedal. The bobbin will begin spinning and the thread will wind around the spool. Stop when the bobbin is full.
  4. Next, cut the thread from the bobbin and place the bobbin into your machine at the bottom.
  5. Wrap the thread from your spool pin around the thread guide.
  6. Pull the thread down and guide it through the tension discs located inside your machine. (Most machines will have a small diagram with arrows to follow)
  7. Once you have pulled your thread through all the tension loops, it is time to thread the needle.
  8. Take the thread from the back and place it through the eye of your sewing machine needle. Note: The thread should be going through the side of the needle facing you.

With this simple guide you will be able to thread your sewing machine like a pro! This task takes time to master but with practice it will become easier and easier.

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