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Wholesale Prices You Can't Beat!
Sweater weather, what does that mean?

Sweater weather, what does that mean?

Sweater weather, what does that mean? Is there ever a time when sweaters are not a part of everyone’s basic wardrobe? Even in the summer.. the chilly nights around the campfire, sweaters are always welcomed and appreciated. I’d bet there isn't a single closet in these here 50 United States that does not boast at least one sweater. That is why this week’s featured fabric is none other than everyone’s go-to comfy piece- sweatshirt fleece! For being as popular as it is, we wonder why we haven’t featured this fabric earlier! 

Sweatshirt fleece itself appears smooth on the outside, giving it a sleek and polished look- whilst the inside of the fabric is soft and fuzzy. This fuzz is what distinguishes sweat shirting from French terry, which features loops on the back of the fabric, or double knits, which are two layers of knits that are knitted together. Sweatshirt fleece is usually made from cotton or polyester—or a blend—and it often includes spandex for better stretch and recovery. It is a knit fabric rather than a woven fabric and does not fray at the cut edges- perfect for the “cropped sweater” look that all the cool kids seem to be wearing these days.

Speaking of the cool kids, it seems that over the last several years, the fashion industry has picked up on the versatility and comfort of this fuzzy fabric. In fact, sweatshirt fleece has been featured on and off the runway and within a plethora of fashion environments. Everyone is taking advantage of the affordability as well as the versatility of sweatshirt fleece. Just to give you a couple ideas beyond the traditional uses of this fabric (sweaters), the leading innovators of online fashion such as Zara, ASOS, and Venus have been featuring sweatshirt fleece in their dresses, cardigans, and totally hip savvy jogger suits. 

All in all, sweatshirt fleece is one specific fabric that you can literally utilize year after year. When you think “timeless” most people typically think of Christian Louboutin or a Chanel quilted lambskin medium black bag. But I am here to tell you the REAL timeless classic is sweatshirt fleece. Ever since its introduction in 1926 by All American football player Benjamin Russell Jr., the cozy, fuzzy fabric has never ever taken the back seat. Might as well get behind the wheel of this week’s featured fabric too!

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