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New Fabrics Every Week! | FREE Shipping On Domestic Orders $50+

The History Of Camouflage

It's no secret that camouflage has made its way far beyond being used in the army. It's developed it's own fashion for every culture to enjoy. But, when did it begin being formally worn?

In 1915, the French Army was the first to use camouflage in its uniforms. The word 'camouflage' actually comes from the French verb meaning 'to make up for the stage' ( yes, that's a little confusing ). Its effectiveness relies on an object being visible! During the first world war, soldiers would make dummies, to distract the enemy forces, causing the snipers to aim for the dummies and while they did that, the soldiers in uniform would see where all the snipers were hidden!

Since then, each nation developed its own style of camouflage, isn't that cool?! It's a design that's being used all over the world, but with a cultural style difference everywhere you go. 

Now, camouflage fabric is used for sewing projects, camouflage masks, jackets, skirts and so much more! Camouflage even made its way into the vehicle industry, seeing popular exotic vehicles with a camouflage design is really cool!

It's no secret that camouflage fabric it one of the most popular fabric designs in the world, and we have it right here for you! Check out our camouflage fabric collection and see which one is your favorite!

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