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Tips for The Traveling Seamstress/Knitter

Tips for The Traveling Seamstress/Knitter

Summer is here and there is no better time to take a vacation. If your vacation includes a plane ride you may be looking for simple tasks to occupy your time. A long plane ride offers time to catch up on sleep, read a book, or finish up a sewing project! If you have plans on sewing or knitting on a plane, it is important to consider the TSA safety regulations before you pack up your sewing supplies. Certain items in your sewing kit may not be allowed on the plane and you don’t want to get stuck throwing away your favorite rotary cutter because you didn’t know the TSA regulations.

Here are some tips for packing a traveling sewing kit:

Before you pack your kit, first decide what sewing or knitting project you will bring and what the project requires. If the project requires extensive cutting, consider cutting out the pieces beforehand or simply choosing a simpler project. After you have selected the project you will work on while on the plane, now you can pack a traveling sewing kit.

  • Sewing needles- Remember when packing this kit to only bring what you need. If you will be using sewing needles limit it to around three needles. Pack them securely in a small case.
  • Crochet needles & Knitting needles- Use a point protector to keep scarp ends covered.
  • Thread- Pack away a few small travel-sized spools in a case.
  • Buttons- Keep buttons in a small Ziploc baggie.
  • Straight pins – Be sure that the pins are safely kept in a cushion. A pin cushion will be safer and easier to travel with than loose pins in a case.
  • Safety pins-Safety pins can be kept in a Ziploc bag.
  • Measuring tape- Use a small piece of tape to keep the measuring tape together.

Items not allowed on planes according to

  • Scissors larger than 4 inches
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Circular thread cutter


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