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Black (A) Polyester/ Rayon/Lycra Knit Jersey Fabric 2 3 8 and 13 Yard Lots - SKU 2499A-L

SKU 2499A-L-1

Polyester/Rayon/Lycra, 60" wide

Black (A) Polyester/Rayon/Lycra Knit Jersey Fabric excellent drape & hand, with stretch & recovery in both the width & length, which increases the comfort, beauty, and versatility. The soft, silk like hand greatly increases the final product. This fabric is a perfect choice for sportswear, sleepwear, tops, t-shirts, tanks, shorts, headbands, and a wide variety of men's, children, women's apparel and accessories. The addition of Lycra reduces shrinkage & wrinkling for a care-free product.