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Fuchsia #SG Challi Top Weight Woven Fabric - SKU 4516

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100% Rayon, 60" wide

Fuchsia Challi Woven Fabric has a soft, silky, touch; with excellent drape and comfort. Challi Woven Fabric is a very popular choice in a wide range of apparel - blouses, tops, shirts, skirts, shorts, skirts, pants women's suits, vests, robes, jogging suit, choir robes, boxer shorts, and more. Challi Woven Fabric has applications into accessories - hats, headbands, umbrella covers, eyeglass case liner & covers, scarves, handbags, pocketbooks, hair accessories, etc. In home furnishings Challi Woven Fabric is popular in pillows, shams, drapes.

Machine Wash/Tumble Dry Low