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Alize Blue Shantung Flower Satin Print Woven Fabric (Sold by the Roll) - SKU MYL


100% polyester, 60" wide. 

Alize Shantung Satin Print Woven Fabric is a reversible fabric, with a smooth, shiny satin shantung finish print on one side and a solid shiny finish on the other. Shantung, is the same rough, nubby texture of a silk Dupioni, just not as dull due to the Reverse Satin side. Many interesting effects are often created, by using both sides of the fabric on the same garment or combining the bright bold print with complimentary solids. Satin Back Shantung is used for both Apparel and Decorating including Pillow, Drapes, Bedding and Window Treatments. Satin Backed Shantung Fabric Suitable for Dresses & Suits. SATIN & TEXTURE SURFACE.

Machine Washable.