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Shop Fabrics from $5.50/Yard Here!

Burgundy #U114 Twill 7.5 Ounce Woven Fabric - SKU 6050 ELT

SKU 6050 Burgundy ELT
Original price $15.45 - Original price $15.45
Original price
$15.45 - $15.45
Current price $15.45
Polyester/Cotton, 64" wide. 

Twill is a sturdy, fashionable, & practical fabric. The cotton adds to the softness, while the polyester increases its wash ability, reduces shrinkage, & less wrinkling. Twill is an ideal for designer to casual apparel, home furnishings, decorating, and accessories. Home furnishings, quilted products and crafts is another application. 

Twill has minimal shrinkage regardless of how you decide to wash & dry.