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Forest Pongee Woven Fabric - SKU 4443

SKU 4443

100% Polyester, 60" wide

This forest green lightweight polyester Pongee Woven Fabric is an excellent fabric choice for better linings in all types of garments, from suits to jackets and from coats to dresses. This easy care fabric is fully washable, making it even more practical than acetate and other more heavyweight linings. Since Pongee is opaque, it is remarkably adaptable. 100% polyester, it is durable and strong with a tight weave that lends a fabulous aesthetic appeal to the finished product.Pongee is an excellent choice to be used to make tops, blouses, scarves, beachwear lovely flowing dresses and skirts. Pongee can be uses as window dressings and drapes as well as a simple yet colorful table runner or cloth.With many wonderful shades, it will be easy for you to add onto that list whatever suits your fancy.