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Fabrics As Low As $4.99/Yard!
Fabrics As Low As $4.99/Yard!

Western Boot | Italian Leather Hide - SKU 7312 #U24

SKU: 7312 Saddle Brown

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50.75 (approx.) sq ft

The practice of tanning animal skins into usable leather is seen in cultures all over the world. This leather, from Italian raised cows, is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear, fading, as well as its unmatched comfort. Leather ages with grace, developing a beautiful patina that adds character, while also softening naturally - combined with its worldwide use thought out history, it is sure to never go out of style! It can be used for everything from clothing to accessories to home furnishings and decor.

Caring for leather is essential for its longevity. Remove dirt and dust with a dry cloth, using a leather designated cleaner for more stubborn spots. Condition with leather conditioner or balm. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture or direct sunlight unless planning to treat it with a protectant first.

Our leather is sold by the hide, which average roughly 50 sq ft, which is sufficient for stools, chairs, and pillows. Larger projects such as couches or fully upholstered arm chairs would require more than one hide.