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FREE Shipping On All Domestic Orders $50+
FREE Shipping On All Domestic Orders $50+
Japanese Denims
100% Cotton  |  Cotton/Spandex
Huge Selection of Stretch including Ultra-Stretch
7-14oz /yd²
Autumn Flannels
Stay warm through the season changes with flannels built for style and comfort. Avalible in 22 different plaids and color schemes.
Prestige Linen
67/33% Linen/Cotton
56-58" Wide
Between 4.25oz and 6.8oz

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Cotton/Spandex Solids









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Exceptional Fabric Options for Everyone

When you're looking to start your next project, you want to be sure that you have quality fabric to work with. That's where Nick of Time Textiles comes in. At Nick of Time Textiles, we offer high-quality wholesale fabric including cotton, polyester, vinyl, twill, denim, spandex, and more. Whether you're looking to start a quilt, sew a dress, or create an entire clothing collection, we have the fabric you need. For more information about our fabric, be sure to reach out to us today. We take great pride in our customer service, and we're available to answer any questions you may have.

Choose the Right Fabric for Your Project

When you're choosing a fabric, it's important to consider where and how the fabric will be used (inside, outside, for theatre performances, for regular wear, for decoration, etc.) and what properties you need the fabric to have. For instance, if you're making a quilt, cotton is a more breathable fabric for warmer seasons while flannel can make the quilt cozier and warmer for colder seasons.

If you're not sure which fabric is right for your project, don't hesitate to contact our experienced and professional team at Nick of Time Textiles. One of our representatives will be happy to walk you through our fabric collections to help you find the best possible option for you. We also offer the choice to request a swatch of fabric, so you can feel confident when you order our wholesale fabric that you're making the right decision.

Check Out Our Wholesale Fabric Collections

Nick of Time Textiles is one of the top providers of wholesale fabric in Allentown, PA and anywhere online. Check out our available collections today including our Spandex Cotton Jersey Solids collection, Denim Brushed & Washed Fabric collection, and more!