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Spend $100+ Save 50% | April 18-21
Spend $100+ Save 50% | April 18-21


Use the widget labeled "Reward" in the bottom righthand corner of the page to create or login to your JOY profile. This will allow you to earn points for shopping - 1 point per dollar spent. 

Points may be redeemed for coupons to get money off future orders. 

100 points = $5 off coupon
200 points = $10 off coupon
500 points = $25 off coupon
1000 points = $50 off coupon 

To redeem your points, open the widget and select "Redeem"

 Coupons must be used in the coupon code box that appears on the checkout page, not the cart page. Sometimes depending on browser settings, this box may not appear. If this happens, simply call our office at 610-395-4641 and we'll insert the code manually for you. 

NOTE: coupons apply to the sub total of your order, meaning if your subtotal drops below $50, $16 shipping will be added.