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Black Friday is BACK! Price Slashed up to 55%
Black Friday is BACK! Price Slashed up to 55%

Fuchsia #S138 Micro Ottoman Double Knit Fabric - SKU 4111

SKU: 4111 Fuchsia
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92/8 Polyester/Spandex, 44/46" wide

An ideal knit fabric where a thicker, heavier, more durable knit fabric is required. The ottoman runs horizontally, an has a smooth finish which is 1/64th of an inch wide. The texture is knitted into the fabric, therefor will last as long as the fabric. Double Knit fabrics are ideal for apparel, accessories, and table cloths (if high polyester content such as this product). The most popular uses of Double Knit Fabrics include; dresses, slacks, suits, activewear, choir gowns, uniforms, cheerleading outfits, hats, and more.

Double Knit Fabrics can be machine washed & tumble or hang dry.