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Black Friday is BACK! Price Slashed up to 55%
Black Friday is BACK! Price Slashed up to 55%

Navy Dark Polyester/Cotton Poplin 6 Ounce Woven Fabric - SKU 481

SKU: 481
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65/35 Polyester/Cotton, 66" wide

Polyester/Cotton Poplin Woven Fabric enhance your fall and winter wardrobe or home decorating projects. Poplin is the perfect fabric when added weight, strength, and coverage is reuired over thinner shirting fabrics. Create beautiful throw pillows for a den or library out of this versatile fabric. Poplin is a durable and comfortable, medium weight fabric that can be used to sew pants, jackets,and scrubs for those who work in the medical field or uniforms to identify a company’s employees, to mention only a few. Poplin can also be used to sew costumes for stage productions or school uniforms.