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FREE Shipping On All Domestic Orders $50+

Olive | Pro Tuff Waterproof Canvas - SKU 6811C

SKU:6811C Olive
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Polyester/PVC Coated 58" wide. 

  1. Pro Tuff Waterproof Canvas:

    • Pro Tuff is a highly durable and versatile textile known for its practicality. This fabric is renowned for its waterproof qualities, making it a preferred choice for various outdoor applications and utility needs.
  1. Outdoor Furniture and Home Furnishing:

    • It's a favored choice for outdoor furniture and home furnishings due to its exceptional durability and waterproof nature.
  1. Accessories:

    • In the realm of accessories, Pro Tuff Waterproof Canvas finds applications in creating items like wallets, cases, bags, and luggage, offering durability and functionality.

Wipe with Wet Cloth.