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New Denim Lots Available | FREE Shipping On Domestic Orders $50+

White | Peachskin Top Weight Woven - SKU 4518A #U157

SKU: 4518A White
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100% Polyester, 60" wide

Soft & drapeable. It’s late spring, and all the frost has long since melted from the bright sprigs of grass peeking up out of the earth. The scent of flowering trees and bushes is intoxicating, but none is so bold and so lovely as that of the lilac. Capture that first magnificent wiff of this splendid flower over and over again when you use this peachskin fabric in your next sewing adventure. As soft as a baby’s bottom (or softer!), peachskin is a microfiber fabric that has a brushed, raised nap, which gives it its namesake quality. Known for its fabulous drape and subtle sheen, it’s commonly used for dresses and skirts. A simple spring or summer gown in this sweet lilac will convey a quiet and innocent beauty. Or enjoy its draping qualities in a little girl’s room as part of a beautiful window covering. Women’s suits and many other types of garments would easily benefit from the qualities of peachskin, so why not try your hand at creating something beautiful today, with this beautiful, blossom inspired shade?