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Spend $100+ Save 50% | April 18-21
Spend $100+ Save 50% | April 18-21

Charcoal | Polyester/Cotton Twill 7.5 Ounce - SKU 7045 #S204

SKU: 7045 Charcoal
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Polyester/Cotton, 62/66" wide. 

Twill is an ideal fabric for designer to casual apparel, home furnishings, window treatments, pillow shams, accessories, and more. This charcoal, cotton blended twill is an extremely soft, durable and fashionable fabric making it a popular choice in a wide range of products - slacks, dresses,  skirts, shorts, cardigans, shirts, jackets, hats, tote bags, and much more. 

Twill has minimal shrinkage regardless of how you decide to wash & dry.