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DIY No-Sew Fleece Blanket

DIY No-Sew Fleece Blanket

The start of fall is quickly approaching and now is a great time to get started on your cozier crafts. Fall brings cooler weather, warmer sweaters, and big comfy blankets. Get a jump on this season by making this super cozy fleece blanket. This is a simple no-sew project perfect for crafters of all skill levels.

First, gather your supplies. Here is what you will need:

Once you have gathered all your supplies it is time to get started.

Begin by laying your two pieces material on a flat surface with the outside pieces facing outward. Be sure that all edges are flat and even. If you are using batting to make your blanket thicker, be sure to lay the batting in between these pieces. To ensure that the batting fits evenly inside your blanket, cut off six inches on each side.

Next, you need to secure the batting. You can either sew the batting on the inside of the fleece material using a simple running stitch or use a small layer of fabric glue along the edges.

Once the batting is in place you can move on to the next step.

It is now time to cut the edges of the blanket to tie together. Measure six inches in on each side of the blanket and mark this with fabric chalk.

Cut the corners off the blanket. Use a ruler to measure a square at each corner that is the same length as your fringe will be. Cutting off the corners will prevent your blanket from bunching at the corners when you tie the fringe together.

Using your scissors, cut your fringe ensuring that each piece is the same width. Use your ruler to measure the width. 1-2 inches is a good size width.

Continue cutting your fringe until you have cut all along the blanket.  

Once you have all the fringe cut it is time to attach the pieces together.

Begin by taking the bottom piece of fringe and tying it over the top piece. Secure the fringe by doubling the knot. Repeat this process all around the edges of the blanket until all the fringe is tied. You blanket is complete!

You are now ready to cozy up with your very own no-sew fleece blanket! If you would like to try this simple project be sure to head to Nick of Time Textiles for great fleece fabric selections at discounted prices! If you do decide to try this project be sure to share your finished product with us on Twitter or Facebook!  


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