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New Denim Lots Available | FREE Shipping On Domestic Orders $50+

The History Of Vinyl Fabric

Do you know how this fabric was created? It's actually a pretty interesting story. It was created by accident!  A scientist tried to develop an adhesive that bonded rubber and metal, but instead Vinyl Fabric was made. 

Researchers continued to experiment with vinyl formulations, in time they figure out how to make vinyl have waterproofing qualities that were then used to make raincoats and many other useful fashion designs. In the 1940s, manufacturers used vinyl-coated wires to replace rubber-insulated wires on U.S. military ships!

Vinyl is surprisingly environmentally friendly. Its durability, resistance to light, extreme temperatures, corrosion, and chemicals gives vinyl products a long life span, and they can be recycled once they’re no longer usable. 

Vinyl fabric is one of a kind, durable, useful, and at a great cost here at Nick of Time Textiles, with our bulk discounts and extra savings, you'll get this fabric at a great price!

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